Live Edge Wood Slabs for Sale Toronto

Canadian Green Design is built from a team of individuals with a diverse background in the design, manufacturing and international trade industry. We formed based on our love of wood and its special character. We still enjoy the thrill of searching for and finding the perfect live edge slabs whether it is from deep in a forest to salvaged from the bottom of a lake.

We not only design and build furniture but also provide live edge wood slabs for sale Toronto. If you have been searching for a truly stunning piece for your next project, let our expertise and keen eye find you exactly what you have been looking for. We source both locally and internationally and have slabs available in a wide range of hardwoods from maple, oak, walnut cherry and more exotic species.

After we find the perfect piece of wood, we perform an edge treatment. This involves removing the bark to expose the live edges. Our team of experienced woodworkers does this by carefully clearing by hand in order to preserve the natural look of the tree. Once the bark has been removed, we repair and strengthen any splits or cracks in the wood so that the slab will not weaken over time.

If you are interested in purchasing live edge wood slabs, contact a member of our team today. We can make arrangements to view our inventory or help you source the perfect piece for your project.