Live Edge Wood Tables Toronto

At Canadian Green Design, we use both locally salvaged and imported live edge wood slabs to create truly unique tables that are also a form of art. We always retain the live edge and beauty of the natural wood, which provides a connection to the tree which is being used for your project. Our designs are completely customized to your ideas and vision, creating a stunning mix of urban and rustic appeal.

Our team has backgrounds in a variety of industries including design, manufacturing and international trade. Our passion for woodworking and the endless opportunities it can be used for in residential and commercial spaces inspired us to form Canadian Green Design. Our designers and woodworkers carefully work to use every inch of the trees that we select – beginning with the large slabs complete with natural edges

Our craftsmanship for creating live edge wood tables Toronto is unmatched and fueled by our love for aesthetics and the rugged beauty that wood such as cherry, oak, maple, and walnut beholds. We don’t just build tables, we bring an experience into your space that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Browse our gallery for inspiration and contact us to discuss building a live edge table that you have always dreamed of. Some of the common types of tables we create are:

  • Buffet Tables
  • Communal Tables
  • Bar Tables
  • Lifestyle Tables
  • End Tables
  • Consoles

We believe that every tree has a special and unique story and that there is the perfect one waiting to complement your living space.