Eco Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood to build furniture, create floorboards, or add to a rustic ambience to a building has become more popular amongst woodworkers and homeowners alike.  Not only does reclaimed wood have a unique look that’s unattainable when using factory fresh planks, repurposing previously used wood benefits the environment in a variety of ways.  In this article, we’ll go over some of the eco benefits of using reclaimed wood.

Carbon Sequestration

Using reclaimed wood means that it won’t be disposed of.  And when it comes to wood products, one of the most popular methods of disposal is by burning them.  The result of burning wood is the release of carbon into the atmosphere resulting in poorer air quality, an increase in greenhouse gases and the elimination of materials that could be salvaged, reprocessed and reused.

Reduced Landfill Use

Using reclaimed wood means that it will not end up in the landfill.  Wood products make up a considerable percentage of tonnage that ends up in landfills around the world.  Whether from discarded furniture, industrial deconstruction projects or the clean up of windfallen trees, the amount of usable wood that ends up in the landfill is both unnecessary and wasteful.

Waterway Cleanup

Reclamation of underwater wood has become a new growth business in the lumber industry.  Wood that has been submerged for years, decades or longer makes an excellent building material as it has avoided exposure to air, light and pests which promote rot.  Water also promotes colour changes in the wood resulting in unique shades not found elsewhere.  Many underwater reclamation projects occur in rivers that were used for logging and result in the cleanup of these waterways.

Land Cleanup

Reclaiming wood from industrial sites is a popular method of wood recycling.  Not only does it provide excellent repurposing material, it helps ensure that the land is properly cleaned up.  When storms fell stands of trees, rather than depend on public employees or scrap companies to dispose of the wood, contracts have been tendered allowing lumber companies to make use of what might have been considered waste.


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