Farmhouse Style Decorating 101

Who doesn’t like cozy, warm familiar surroundings that evoke the memories of beloved ancestors and simpler times?  Luckily, each and every one of us has the ability to experience these feelings on a daily basis with some easy decorating tips that conjure up the feel and look of a classic farmhouse.  Melding the farmhouse style with the 21rst century is a great way to balance the comfort of the past with the convenience of the present.  Read on to get a lesson in farmhouse style decorating 101.

Balance Between Old And New

Summoning the farmhouse feel doesn’t mean you need to eschew all modern day comforts and conveniences.  Luckily our place in history allows us utilize the best of both worlds.  Don’t feel the need to stack your house from top to bottom in furniture and fittings from the late 1800s.  Strive for a balance between the antique and the modern that allows for contemporary convenience yet still calls upon the character and charm of a time gone past. Balance is the key.

Modern Retro Appliances

There currently exists a huge market of high end, retro looking appliances.  A quick online search will lead you to completely modern stove ranges decked out in retro styled housings.  These ranges have all the modern conveniences such as self-cleaning convection ovens, dual fuel capacities and digital timers while looking like something straight out of your grandmother’s house.  These modern retro looking appliances aren’t only limited to stoves and ovens, there are refrigerators, dishwashers and even microwaves available.  Get that farmhouse look without the inconvenience of faulty, aging equipment.

Reclaimed And Exposed Wood

Nothing evokes the farmhouse feel than weathered and distressed wood.  Whether it’s exposed beams, a rustic kitchen table, or butcher block counters, rough wood surfaces are the epitome of a farmhouse style.  Consider using reclaimed wood to create furniture, shelving or flooring.  It’s a useful material to lend a sense of history and country-style character to your home.

Mismatched Furnishings

One characteristic of the traditional farmhouse is that it wasn’t furnished by going to a big block store and buying all the pieces at the same time.  Farmhouses came together over time as the various furnishings were built, collected or salvaged.  The result was not a household where every piece matched with one another.  More likely was a home filled with functional and durable goods with fashion being more of an afterthought.  However, the resulting atmosphere was one of coziness, warmth and charm.  Keep this in mind when furnishing your space and don’t worry too much about every single piece matching with one another.

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