Why Oak is Great for Furniture


The phrase “solid oak furniture” typically denotes quality, strength and durability.  These characteristics of oak furniture did not come about due to chance. Oak has long been known as a great material with which to build furniture.  The many types of Oak available around the world have long been used to create fine furniture pieces.  Here’s a list giving some of the reasons why Oak is great for furniture.


There are a wide variety of types of Oak.  It’s estimated there can be over 600 different species from all over the world.  The greatest number of species occur in North America and China, but can also be found throughout Europe and Northern Africa.  The different species have varying properties which tailors each to different types of furniture use.


Oak is a hardwood that’s known for its density and strength.  This allows for strong, durable furniture that can stand the test of time.


Oak has distinct growth rings that, when quartersawn, reveals an appealing open grain with a ray flecked pattern. These markings lend themselves particularly well to attractive furniture pieces.

 Steam Bending

Oak wood responds well to steam bending.  This makes it especially conducive to being used as a veneer or in furniture with curved edges such as chair backs.

 Insect and Fungus Repellant

Oak is naturally repellant to insects and funguses.  This resistance will lengthen the life of any furniture from which it is constructed.

 Rot Resistant

Oak, especially White Oak, has great rot resistance capabilities meaning it can withstand damp conditions.  This not only works well for furniture, but it’s been long used to construct ships and wine or whiskey barrels.

 Ease Of Workability

When worked with hand or machine tools, oak produces favourable results.  Glue easily adheres to the wood and it takes to staining and sanding with ease.


Relatively abundant throughout the world, oak is an economical choice that results in strong, good looking and durable furniture.


Salvaged or reclaimed oak is a popular furniture building material.  It can be found underwater, in peat bogs, or reclaimed from previous uses such as in barnyards, railway yards or industrial areas.


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