Live Edge Wood Versatility

If you’re looking for a new statement piece of furniture for your home, look no farther than furniture made from live edge wood.

What Is Live Edge Wood?

Live edge wood is wood that is cut to preserve the natural edge of the wood. Instead of seeking uniformity, live edge wood maintains the tree’s lines in the bark and displays any knots, curved spaces, and holes in the wood. The result is a beautiful, rustic, and unique piece of furniture that lasts for decades.

Live edge wood is so versatile and you can use live edge wood in benches, dining tables, countertops, chairs, coffee tables, and many more.

Why Should I Decorate My Home with Live Edge Wood?

There are many reasons to incorporate live edge wood into your home. Here are some of our most compelling reasons:

#1 –      Completely unique – Because no two trees are the same, no two pieces of live edge wood will the same. You’ll have a piece that’s 100% unique and no one can copy.

#2 –      Uncommon – With so much manufactured furniture on the market these days, finding a live edge piece in someone’s home is quite uncommon which adds to its unique factor.

#3 –     Customizable – Hunting for the perfect piece of wood for a custom live edge piece is part of the fun. Each piece is customizable to your specified dimensions and can be put to many uses.

#4 –    Long-term investment: Instead of buying low-cost, manufactured furniture which will fall apart in a couple of years, paying the initial cost of a sturdy real wood piece is a good long-term investment.

#5 –      Easy to clean

#6 – Go with everything: There’s hardly a style live edge wood doesn’t go with. From traditional to modern, you can count on a live edge piece fitting in with your décor.

#7 – Eco-friendly: Live edge pieces are often sourced from trees that fell from natural causes. They also aren’t processed as heavily has commercial lumber.

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